Contemporary art is defined conceptual.
Art is a declaration, a way to communicate my concepts, my thoughts and my values.
Art reveal myself telling truths that sometimes are hidden.
Art is a manifesto, a denounce and a mission. Art is life, passion and bravery.
Art is the best way to express myself.
I have no other choice, I want to be an artist when I grow up.

Maurizio Balducci Arte Sign

I pursue the sense of truth by seeking beauty as purity. I prefer removing rather than adding. I love living in contact with nature because it stimulates me; I learn shapes and proportion from it. Making a painting, an installation or a piece of furniture, it makes no difference.

The boundary between design and art is not so clear.

They both belong, together with architecture, to the figurative arts that do not leave aside the concept.
I use different materials: from metals to ceramic to resins, working them with different techniques, such as laser cutting, three-dimensional modeling, ceramic casting and lost-wax casting.

Do you want to commission a work of art?

Artista Contemporaneo Opere su Richiesta

If you are interested in one of the works you saw on the site, you can contact me directly.
I also make commissioned works to decorate your home and your spaces.
Wall paintings, works for the garden or customizable design elements.
Art is good for your heart.

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